Firenze 12oz.

Firenze 12oz.

Tazzina Coffee

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This is a 50/50 blend of Caffe and Siena espressos The best green beans are hand selected by the founder and his roast master from five distinct origins, each having unique characteristics. These coffees are individually small batch roasted and blended with precision to create a symphony of flavors.

Body Scale: 3 to 4

Roast level scale: 3 to 4

Process: Combination of natural and fully washed.

Acidity: 2 to 3

Cup characteristics: This blend has a full body, almost effervescent texture, a caramel crème, and a nutty aroma. The finish is long-lived, and very pleasing, culminating in a creamy bitter-chocolate aftertaste, devoid of unpleasant astringency.

Altitude + meters: Various.

Regions: South and central america.

Farm: Various.