African Nectar 1/4lb

African Nectar 1/4lb

Tazzina Tea

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The African red bush, called Rooibos is blended with cornflowers, blue mallow flowers and vanilla and orange flavor.

Caffeine Level and Type: Rooibos Tea, naturally caffeine free, fermented and dried 

Cup Characteristics: Sweet and delectable! Rooibos is a dark, smooth, fruity, full bodied tea rich in essential minerals, believed to provide a natural anti-oxidant to protect the body against free radical damage. Great iced!

Measurements & steep times for 8 oz: Use one rounded teaspoon and steep for 4 minutes.

Pairings: Sandwiches, Canapés, Cheeses, Smoked fish, Ham, Cucumber, Eggs, Salami, Chutney, Scones, Fruit Tarts, Scotch