About Tazzina Coffee

Tazzina Coffee was founded to preserve the classic Italian style of espresso and coffee roasting that kick-started the American specialty coffee industry. Tim O’Connor has been part of the American coffee world from the beginning and has had a hand in the development of many of the biggest names in the industry.

Tazzina coffees are blends of espresso that combine regional characteristics and roast procedures that persuade the best flavors out of the green coffee bean. The result is a delightful, well-balanced and very complex espresso. Furthermore, the substantially higher grades of green coffees we purchase produce up to 50% more yield. High quality green coffees equal happy, satisfied customers.



In addition to the Tazzina Caffe and Siena blends, O’Connor also developed the Tazzina Ambassador Collection, which blend flavor from a worldwide palette of organic, shade-grown, fairly traded or direct relationship coffees.

There are a number of noble certifications for consumers who wish to make a conscious decision when choosing a coffee or espresso to buy or drink. Each certification focuses on specific priorities.

At present, there is not one certification that encompasses all social, economic and political causes that face humanity and the environment.

The Rain Forest Alliance focuses on wildlife conservation, strictly controlled agro-chemical usage for non-organic farmers, waste and water management, soil conservation and worker welfare.

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center certifies some coffees as “bird-friendly.”

Fair Trade coffees give additional assistance to the poorest family farmers.

Direct relationship coffees come to us through coffee certification labs that work directly with the farmers to educate them in perfecting their growing or processing techniques to improve their coffee quality and providing them avenues for better pricing for small village co-ops and individual farmers.