A number of noble certifications exist for consumers who wish to make a conscious decision when choosing a coffee or espresso. Each certification focuses on specific priorities.

At present, there is not one certification that encompasses all social, economic and political causes that face humanity and the environment. The Rainforest Alliance supports the environment and tries to ensure a future for third world ecosystems. Fair Trade coffees offer a unique way to support the poorest family farmers. Organic coffee plantations keep agro-chemicals out of the environment and the population, but they may not be wildlife-friendly. There are co-ops that help small family farmers grow outstanding quality, so that they can get a high price for their coffees even in difficult times of recession, political turmoil or challenging weather. Each association has its downfalls and its bright spots.

In an effort to support a broad section of noble causes, we offer the Tazzina Ambassador Collection™ coffee and espresso blends. These blends focus on quality first, and then conform to one or several social, environmental, and political certifications. We want you to feel good about a great coffee or espresso. Tazzina Ambassador Collection™ coffees blend flavor from a worldwide palate of organic, shade grown, fair trade certified or direct relationship coffees. The extra price supports admirable causes and the consumer is rewarded with a responsible purchasing option and an exceptional beverage.